Fiber Chopper - tOOchop® M5-9/24

Its capacity is relatively large, as it can be fed by 24 strands of each 800tex at relatively high speed. Capacity: up to 6kg/min (= 350kg/h)

The machine is flushed by interrupted pressurised air, 6 - 8 bar (low consumption because of interrupted flow programmed valve)

The motor and cap are easy to remove by releasing quick clamps. The rolls have "flying shafts" creating easy dismantling from one side.

The chopper generates very low noise and needs low maintenance. Depending the product (wet or dry, low or large filament diameter) it produces 40.000kg to 90.000kg of chopped strands before a roll overhaul is required.

Fibre types


Chopping length

9mm 18mm 27mm 54mm Etc.

Capacity range

up to 350kg/h

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tOOchop® M5-9/24 fiber cutter is designed to:

  • Produce wet or dry chopped strands below 800tex.