Fibre Chopping Machines for the plasterboard industry

chopped strands

In order to increase fire resistance of plasterboard / gypsum wall board some fiber glass is dosed into the gypsum before forming the board. There are several options to dose chopped strands to the plaster, and in most cases a monitoring system and automatic back-up is provided for.

In plasterboard we have used the following fibre glass choppers:

  • fiber cutting machine
    Fiber Chopper chopcot® T5
  • Fiber Chopper/Fiber cutting machine Chopcot® T6
    Fiber Chopper Chopcot® T6
  • Fibre chopper/cutting machine M5 9/1
    Fiber Chopper tOOchop® M5 9/1
  • Fiber Chopper/Fiber cutting machine tOOchop M6 12/16
    Fiber Chopper tOOchop® M6 12/16
  • Fiber chopper/Fiber cutting machine Preform sprayup
    Fiber Chopper tOOchop®PRM5-9/3