Fibre Chopping Machines for chopped strands application

chopped strands fiber choppers

A variety of specialised companies produce chopped strands from wet or dry roving of glass, carbon or basalt for many purposes, such as compounding of thermoplastics, producing fleece or veil, etc.

Used fibre choppers:

  • fiber cutting machine
    Fiber Chopper chopcot® T5
  • Fiber Chopper/Fiber cutting machine Chopcot® T6
    Fiber Chopper Chopcot® T6
  • Fiber Chopper Chopcot® T6 x 100
  • Fibre chopper/cutting machine M4 8/3
    Fiber Chopper tOOchop® M4 8/3
  • Fibre chopper/cutting machine M5 9/24
    Fiber Chopper tOOchop® M5 9/24