Fiber Chopper - tOOchop® M6 12/16

Fibre cutting machine tOOchop®M6-12/16 chops 16 strands of each 2400tex at a time. It is normally installed together with a strand failure detecting cabinet that is monitoring the glass supply.Capacity range: from 7.2kg/h up to 360kg/h. Present main application: dosing chopped strand glass into plaster or plasterboard in a continuous production line.

The machine is flushed by air, 90m3/h by means of a flush air ventilator.

The motor and cap are easy taken away by releasing quick clamps. The rolls have "flying shafts" creating easy dismantling from one side.

Very safe operation, low noise, low maintenance: Costs of consumables such as blades, etc. at 12mm cutting length: less than Eur 0,01 / kg glass. It cuts more than 100.000kg of glass before overhaul of the rolls is required.

Fibre types


Chopping length

12mm 24mm 36mm Etc.

Capacity range

up to 350kg/h

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tOOchop® M6-12/16 fibre chopping machine is used for:

  • dosing chopped strands into a process at low or medium strand speed.