Fiber Chopper - tOOchop® M5-9/1

Fibre chopping machine tOOchop®M5-9 is normally used to make chopped strands from roving in order to dose these into a process, for example gypsum or concrete. In that application the chopped strands have to be dosed into the wet mixture, the machine warps the strands randomly out.

tOOchop®M5-9 is also used in pipe manufacturing to provide the axial reinforcement of filament wound pipes, by spraying chopped strands at the outside . It is possible to have two fibre cutters in one house, to ensure a good homogeneous distribution of the 27mm or 54mm shopped strands upon the outer pipe surface. Or if a back-up machine is required. It can be fed by 1 or 2 incoming strands to chop those into the desired length.

Several roof liner machines for automotive are performing with tOOchop®M5-9

Fibre types

Glass Basalt Etc.

Chopping length

9mm 18mm 27mm 54mm Etc.

Capacity range

up to 120kg/h

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Fibre chopping machine tOOchop®M5-9/1 or 2 is used for:

  • Dosing of chopped strands in plasterboard or concrete
  • Dosing chopped strands at filament wound pipes for axial reinforcement
  • Automotive roof liner production, mat lines