Fiber Chopper - tOOchop® M4-8/3

Depending the weight per strand it can be fed by 3 to 6 or even more incoming strands to chop those into the desired length. Its blade length is 28mm, the total amount of fiber is max. 4800tex. tOOchop® Technology gives the possibility to chop into shorter lengths as the blades are evenly staggered distributed over two rolls. As they pinch in between other, the chopping length is half the distance between two blades at one roll. That makes strand release very easy.

The house, frame and protection is designed and made depending the local situation.

Fibre types

Carbon Glass Basalt Etc.

Chopping length

4mm 8mm 12mm Etc.

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The 4mm fibre chopping machine tOOchop®M4-8/3 is used:

  • To make chopped strands