Fiber Chopper - Preform and Sprayup

The machines cuts 1, 2 or 3 strands glass fiber of each 2400tex or 4800tex, or 3 strands carbon fiber 24K or 48K and has a maximum capacity of 390kg/h. The cutter is built in a closed housing to concentrate the chopped strands to an accurate spot, and to avoid contamination of the machine by its environment. The house is flushed by air that is supplied by a blower. The cutter is able to start and stop at full capacity within 0,3 seconds.

tOOchop®PRM5-9/3 can be found in automatic production lines for automotive and similar products. It can be used also to dose chopped strands into different materials.

The motor of the cutter is connected to the quick clamped cover, and drives the rollers via a spline shaft coupling. Taking off the motor and opening the house is very easy and quick. After taking the motor away, there is no hazard to take out the cutter rolls for the operator. The cutter rolls are taken away by disconnecting the shaft bolt, after which a handling tool is screwed in, enabling to hold and manipulate the roll without touching blades.

Fibre types

Glass Basalt Carbon Etc.

Chopping length

9mm 18mm 27mm 54mm Etc.

Capacity range

up to 350kg/h

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tOOchop®PRM5-9/3 is a very good spraying fiber cutter, designed for:

  • Preform applications
  • Robotised spray-up
  • Dosing chopped strands in various processes