Fiber Chopper - Chopcot® T6 x 100

Fibre chopping machine Chopcot®T6 x 100 is normally used for processes to make chopped strands at low speed (4 to 120m/min). Depending the weight per strand it can be fed by max 30 incoming strands of 800tex to chop those into the desired length. Its blade length is 100mm. The functioning is the same as Chopcot®T6, but as its speed is low, the chops should not be sticky.

The house, frame and protection are designed depending the local situation.

It is also able to chop waste materials that are produced at sides of a mat lines, in a wide area. Specially carbon fibre cloth is chopped very well, and the speed of the chopper can be adapted to the required (on line) situation.

Fibre types

Carbon Glass Basalt Etc.

Chopping length

6mm 12mm 18mm Etc.

Capacity range

up to 180kg/h

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This fibre chopping machine is used for:

  • Dosing of chopped strands in plasterboard or concrete
  • Making chopped strands