Fiber Chopper - Chopcot® T6

In its dosing application Chopcot®T6 is placed on its skirt without bolting. After closing the machine by tipping the cutter it is locked at the skirt. In this position the safety switch releases the electrical circuit by the insertion of the key that is mounted at the cutter. The switch is used to block the electrical feed to the motor when the cutter rolls are unprotected. Replacing of the Chopcot® (blade roller) is done very quickly by disconnecting the locking bolt. Ideal for many different applications, e.g. gypsumboard production lines.

For chopped strands glass or carbon production unit (6mm chopping length) it can be used with a vertical house in combination with a sieve, to avoid fuzz in the product, to give the chopped strands good flow properties.

Chopcot®T6 is applied also to feed compounding extruders directly with carbon, basalt or fiber glass chopped strands.

In mat- and/or SMC lines Chopcot®T6 can be used as a module in assembled multi-chopper units. The choppers are installed at intermediate distances at the cross section above a conveyor, spraying chopped strands at the mat. For picture see under Chopcot®T5 an example of SMC formation.

Fibre types

Glass Carbon Basalt Silica Quartz Etc.

Chopping length

6mm 12mm 18mm Etc.

Capacity range

up to 150kg/h

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This fibre chopping machine is used for:

  • Dosing of chopped strands in plasterboard or concrete
  • Making chopped strands
  • Compounding glass or carbon fibre with thermoplastics
  • Mat lines