Fiber Chopper - Chopcot® T5

In its dosing application Chopcot®T5 is placed on its skirt without bolting. The cutter it is locked at the skirt. In this position the safety switch releases the electrical circuit by the insertion of the key that is mounted at the cutter. The switch is used to block the electrical feed to the motor when cutter is in open position whereby the cutter rolls are unprotected. The change-out of the Chopcot® (blade roller) is done within half a minute. It is possible to clamp it on a vertical house instead of the skirt, to have direct discharge from the cutter downwards.

Used as a chopped strands fibre glass production unit it is mostly in combination with a sieve, to avoid fuzz in the product, to give the chopped strands good flow properties. It enables the operators also to monitor the process, as double lengths are visible at the sieve.

In its preform application roving chopper Chopcot®T5 has a modified frame, related to the robot or other equipment that it has to be used with. The machine is open and basic protected only, as the production unit in which the chopper is used is protected as a whole normally

In mat- and/or SMC lines Chopcot®T5 is used as a module in assembled multi-chopper units. The choppers are installed at intermediate distances at the cross section above a conveyor, spraying chopped strands at the mat.

For carbon fibre a special developed inlet is available, that opens carbon tow, resulting in better wetting, and giving a homogeneous distribution of carbon fibre at the mat.

Fibre types

Glass Carbon Silica Quartz Etc.

Chopping length

5mm 10mm 15mm Etc.

Capacity range

up to 120kg/h

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This fibre chopping machine is used for:

  • Making chopped strands
  • Robotised preform
  • Mat lines
  • SMC
  • BMC